Ellington Ceiling Fans and Pendant Lighting

Ellington Ceiling Fans and Lighting

Based in Dallas, Texas, Ellington and its parent, Litex Industries, have been manufacturing and importing ceiling fans and lighting fixtures for more than 25 years. Our talented staff of designers understands the importance of personal expression. Whatever the style or whatever the look, it’s our desire to create elegant reliable fans that excite and inspire.

The genesis of a beautiful design can begin with something as graceful as the curve of a leaf or as simple as the texture of an aged doorknob. As these ideas are further developed, the essence of personal expression is formed. When combined with advanced functionality, it does more than just comprise a fashionable product. It elevates style.

As you explore our site, we hope you’ll enjoy the many fan styling featured throughout. Along the way, we trust you’ll see something that will help you discover your own unique sense of design.

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